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in the first Bulgarian portal for actors!

We are 5 years old! CONGRATULATIONS!

We are very pleased that you are our visitors! This site is an information portal (catalog) for Bulgarian actors from all regions of the country with direct contact to them.

The portal is organized on a voluntary basis and free for participants – actors, schools, sponsors of festivals, candidates actors, people who are looking for actors for their party or corporate event. All who have their own personal web page here optionally may have additional banners for pocket money, attracting customers! For prices and conditions click Advertising

Dear actors, we respect you for your work and talent. Every actor deserves to be heard and seen. Send us a photo, brief description, or video and you will have your Personal web page here. This is absolutely free for you! This page you can use for your advertising, for your potential commitments. This is much cheaper than to pay for production, hosting, maintenance and advertising for your individual website.

Dear visitors,potential buyers of artistical services (restaurants, weddings or just a private party or as an original gift for a friend or bride), this is the site for you! Here you will find direct contacts for actors without crawled intermediary firms. This is much cheaper and easier for you.

Dear sponsors of festivals, competitions, concerts – here you can place your information about your festivals, competitions (for actors to participate in your events) and for your future spectators. Banner advertising for you is the best. Advertise here!